Parma Vintage Rolex watches Exhibition

In the exhibition hall of the Mercante: collectors in Italy modern goods and antiques exhibition will be some of the most popular, the most precious antique table, found a popular. Bob’s watch to show you some of the most popular Rolex watch in there.

Parma Vintage Rolex watches Exhibition

In the exhibition hall of the Mercante, sometimes called the “Parma to see the show” watch collectors, October 4th to October 12, 2014 run, in Parma, Italy. Mercante was called a “real market” in the Fira, more than one thousand dealers from around the world, including all major European antique market, convergence and show their best antiques and collectibles thousands of professional audience, collectors, and treasure hunters.

Parma year display of Italy as an example

This unique event is considered to be one of the most important antique shows, in the world more than one thousand operators proposed antiques and collectibles, they gathered in time and from all over the world. The purpose of this program is for tourists who are looking for a unique and interesting articles or rare and important project. Collectors, designers and architects who are looking for any age and style of the products is also welcome. You can find a unique transaction in this exhibition.

Rolex watch show in Parma Antiques Fair in Italy

Rolex has been in Parma Watch Fair is a continuous presence and rare vintage car debut. Finally see the show produces a wide range of Rolex watches, including Oman and caboose seadweller number 1665, King Paul Newman even ultra rare original spatial residents.

Parma year display food line

This magnificent Antiques Fair held two times a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, but always in Parma, Italy. Palma is the heart of Italy, provide easy access to other destinations in Europe and around the world. In Mercante in Fira can choose a different style of thousands of projects. You can also be the development trend of the marketing survey, trends and colleagues found new collection of all network at the same time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Parma, Italy.

Last year, some collectors Rolex found that show a trend in Parma watch. It is well known that there are many antique Rolex watches, also extremely rare. However, many people pointed out that the “new” is not found in the market as much as in the past few years. On the contrary, some collectors to get re Rolex the best examples do not return them for a long time in the market. This increase in demand and the strength of the prices of many antiques and rare form. Collectors who have rare watch, this can be a good thing, can lead to a more become available in the market price higher hope. Those who are looking for some old and rare Rolex watches are the best example of course should be considered in the Fira in Pal Marmor Gunter visited Parma Watch Fair, Italy.

Rolex watches number can be located in two different places

Since 1927, the Rolex Replica watch is each serial digital only from their production and manufacturing shipped studio. This paper can be used in serial number assignment to personal observation of two years of production. However, it is important to note that all figures, the approximate formulation has no beginning and no end, in series between the beginning and the end of every month.

On each watch, sequence number, quantity and the style of Rolex, Ancelotti only five to eight digit. Unique number for your watch can even give you when you watch is estimated by the. For example, if your watch is a number “9” would you read it can be approximated to a 1926 creation date. If you likewise serial number, you can read “l000001″ approximation you watch the production date is 1989.

Rolex watches number can be located in two different places. Between Rolex watches production in 2005 to provide machine inscribed seven digit serial digital watch case ear tag at six o’clock. View serial number, watch bracelet, must be from the 6 cases clock side. Watch style hotel is located between the number on the twelve o’clock marker, so don’t let them confused.

In 2005, Rolex, serial digital engraving in the observation of internal rim. This area is known as the rehaut Word, the French flange. The mobile location decision, because stylistic serial number is what causes and aesthetic. The style number, however, still between the ear points its traditional at twelve o’clock Mark.

In 2010, Rolex ceased any of the following sequence coding system. And now, they engrave each observation of a random and unique identification number. Unlike the previous seven serial numbers, the new number is your eight serial random letters and numbers. Before, it is fairly easy to Rolex watches date, an approximate number, because Rolex a timing system. Now, in 2010 the production of watch very want to date, because they provide only mixed serial and random number.

Rolex Replica watch enthusiasts and collectors of intense today, want to through some outdated reference number request, when they are the perfect Rolex to add to their collection. Rolex watches have those with CAN serial digital watch special sell more money, because they are worth more. Because in the era of this aspect is an important process now, Bob watches provide you with detailed and useful information that can help you now you’re dating and Rolex watches.

Luminor Marina 19503 Days Automatic 3 dynamic storage automatic watch

Luminor Marina 19503 Days Automatic 3 dynamic storage automatic watch is the Panerai first combined with Luminor diameter 195042 mm case and white dial watch. Automatic movement with equipped with 3 day power storage P.9000, R & D production tabulation factory entirely by Panerai in Nor Shah Tell and.

Case made of AISI 316L stainless steel, successor to the Luminor as a classic international sports watch modelling, also equipped with protection bridge device protection list crown, to ensure the waterproof to a depth of up to 10 atm. Watchcase and watch frame are polished, and the crown bridge contrast.

Luminor Marina 19503 Days Automatic 3 dynamic storage automatic watch white dial set off hour scale large black numbers, three o’clock and nine o’clock position date display small seconds disc, very clear and easy to read. This kind of design for the characteristic Panerai watches since 1940 time appear.

Through made of sapphire crystal glass watch bottom cover, can enjoy the P.9000 movement. This automatic movement with 3 power storage, 2 spring box and bidirectional chain pendulum. Adjust the time by special system, a mobile way to beat the clockwise per hour, it will not affect the minute hand operation.

Luminor Marina 19503 Days Automatic 3 dynamic storage automatic watch (PAM000523) with brown crocodile leather strap and matte stainless steel clasp, and with special tool and a stainless steel screw driver used for replacement strap.

LUMINOR MARINA 19503 DAYS AUTOMATIC 42 mm 3 dynamic storage automatic watch

Movement: Panerai P.9000 automatic winding mechanical movement, developed entirely by Panerai, 13 method, thickness 7.9 mm, 28 stone, Glucydur. balance wheel, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, Incabloc. shockproof device, the 3 day power reserve, the 2 barrel, 197 parts.

Function: when we visit, points, small seconds, date display.

Case: 42 mm in diameter, AISI 316L stainless steel.

Watch frame, polished stainless steel.

The bottom of the watch cover: transparent sapphire crystal glass.

The crown bridge: brushed stainless steel (Panerai patent).

Dial: white dial with luminous dot Arabia digital and time scales, three o’clock with date display, nine o’clock small seconds disc.

Crystal glass: sapphire crystal glass, made by corundum, 1.8 mm thickness. Anti reflective coatings.

Waterproof: 10 bar (about 100 meters).

Strap: engraved PANERAI logo crocodile leather strap with matte stainless steel clasp. A replacement strap tools and a stainless steel screw driver.

Model: PAM00523.


LUMINOR MARINA 19503 DAYS AUTOMATIC ACCIAIO -44 mm 3 dynamic storage automatic stainless steel watch

Movement: automatic winding mechanical movement developed entirely by Panerai Panerai P.9000. Method 13 set points, a thickness of 7.9 mm, 28 stone, Glucydur from the balance wheel vibration 28800 times per hour.

November 11th in every year is a special day

November 11th in every year is a special day. Young people are often asked on this day that “Are you still single now?” The question is like a curse that single men and ladies wouldn’t like to hear. So with one partner companied can be happy on this day. But besides the relationships and marriages, the watch can also be an interesting topic for people, especially for mem.

It is said that a man must has two precious things in life—a watch and a car. A watch does not have to be very expensive but has to represent a man with special taste and quality. When does a man start to dream about having a watch? The answer is when he is in primary school. But a child can’t afford a fancy watch, so he is eager to have one when he grows up. However, the taste for watches changes from time to time. Most grown-ups like mechanical watches.

I believe that not everyone can choose his favorite watch at the first time. This is a process step by step. One must face the reality be practical when choosing his watch. Most men buy their first watches like Tissot and Hamilton. What about you?

Replica Hublot Ice Bang V6.5 review

I’ve received after a very long wait of 4 weeks, a Replica hublot Ice Bang V6! I think those were the longest 4 weeks in my life.
First, the box.
The box is well made in wood with a glass window. It looks and feels good. Although it has some finishing flaws it is a very nice thing in addition to your watch! 4/5
The outer box:

Black box with Replica hublot logo in a very nice detailed quality print. It has some wear from shipping. This is why I have bought a box with it so my watch wouldn’t get damaged from shipping.
Inside it looks like this:

Wooden box, very nice finished. With hublot style bezel and screws! The brushed steel does feel a bit weird/cheaply. Overall it looks great.

On the front we find the hublot logo which has a less detailed and quality finish like the outer box. The crown has the H style like the watch which is nice!

Underneath the outer box there is a manual book and warranty card. The book has a very nice print quality and the images inside are crisp!

Notice that the warranty card says “Ralid 2 years” instead of “Valid 2 years” the back of the card has some information on it and looks ok.

Inside of the inner box had a cushion and with above the hublot logo in medium quality finish. There is also a Big Bang tag which looks nice!

Example image of the quality of the hublot logo inside the inner box.
Enough with the box, onto the watch!

I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Front shot, notice that the AR is top notch, doesn’t have blue or purple hue. It is colorless! V6.5 maybe?

Side view, the crystal sits almost flush with bezel.


you get red marks almost immediately. Although the quality is great and it has black clasp screws which is new!!

Back of the watch, looks great doesn’t it?

Sorry for the bad image, wanted to show the hublot writing quality on the rubber.

Front view!

And as a bonus a wrist shot!
The watch is great! Great overall looks, feel and quality !
In regarding how close it is to gen, I know the gen has shiny ceramic sides but I like the full matte ceramic look more ! So I’m not bothered by the fact.
In regarding it being a v6.5,
I think it is a v6.5 because it doesn’t have a colored AR.. Although the crystal doesn’t have the correct height I still think it is a v6.5
Maybe the v6.5 doesn’t have a high crystal after all?
I’m very happy with watch… It doesn’t have any flaw except one…
Maybe a member here can help me..
The date doesn’t change from day to day. It does when i do it manually but from day to day the date doesn’t change automatically. Is there anyone here who knows what’s up and can help me?
Also what i have noticed is that the root spins very easily.. When I’m wearing it sometimes I feel the rotor spinning. Is this normal?
Sorry for the bad image quality, i did my best !
Have a great day!

Disassembling/Reassembling an AP ROO – Quick tutorial

After I had my AP ROO Black Themes for about a week I was able to scratch the well finished bezel.

I tried a couple of different options to fix this (pen from APBands and using 2000 grit paper) but the result was not the same. The only option left was to replace the bezel. Fortunately I was able to secure a new bezel from my dealer and using Archimedes post as a guide I went ahead with the replacement.

I had a few challenges trying to follow the process because a few details were missing and of course I don’t have the specialized AP tool to remove the lugs on the bezel screws. The AP ROO has a very intricate construction and I’m impressed with the capacity of the factories to replicate this.

I’m no expert so this is a tutorial written so a beginner can do it. So please forgive me if some of the remarks are common knowledge. I have posted a similar version on another board and I thought it would help some folks here.

Step 1: Remove the caseback.

Easy step just remove all screws.

and the back with the gasket come right out.

One thing I noticed is that this gasket probably needs some grease. As we going to see this model is very intricate with a total of 17 different size gaskets. I decided to lubricate all of them just to be safe since the potential for water or moisture to get inside is high with some many points of entry.

Step 2: Remove the internal slugs from the bezel screws

After you remove the caseback you can see there bezel screws go all the way thru the case.

You can notice also the nice engraved rotor. It’s amazing the lengths those factories go to make these high end pieces.

Now here’s where the fun begins. You can see in the next picture that these screws are held by some very small lugs inside the case.

Archimedes was able to share the specialized tool that AP has to remove these. Of course I don’t have access to it. However these slugs are nothing a fine point heavy duty tweezers won’t fix. Make sure to use heavy duty ones since the points will bend if the tweezers are not strong enough.

With a some patience and lot of care the lugs can be removed.

Remove all 8 lugs and keep them in a safe place. They are very small and easy to lose in your carpet. I’m not sure if/where one could get a replacement for those.

Step 3: Remove the bezel screws

Push the screws from the back and remove one by one. Be careful with the washers.

If you want your ROO to be water resistant make sure to grease the washers when reassembling the watch.

Step 4: Remove the crystal

If you are replacing the bezel you will need to transplant the crystal. If you are just refinishing it it would be safer to do so as well.

If you have a press this will be a lot easier. I don’t so thumbs were used. Press from the outside and pop the crystal out. Putting it back in was a lot harder.

Make sure the crystal is flush with the upper surface of the bezel. If the crystal is not mounted correctly you might have problems with leaks.

Step 5: Reassembling the bezel

One thing I noticed is that if you are not careful the washers may get in the way when you try to push the bezel screws back in

So after greasing all the washers I decided to put them in first carefully with the tweezers.

Then reassembled the top part of the case.

Make sure you align the bezel screws in the original circle pattern. I was a little confused on how to position the screws until I saw the picture of the original fully assembled watch.

Grease the caseback gasket, replace the back lugs and you are done.

Optional Step: Greasing the crown and chrono pushers gaskets

Since I had the watch open and had done the hardest part of this process (removing the bezel to grease the main gasket underneath the bezel) I decided it would be a good idea to grease all of them.

As I mentioned previously there are 17 gaskets in this watch:

  1. A main one between the bezel and case
  2. A large one on the caseback
  3. 8 small washers on the bezel screws
  4. 3 on the screw in crown
  5. 2 on each chrono pusher

At this point I had work on all but the crown/pushers gaskets. So I decided to go for broke and make sure the crown/pushers gaskets were in order too. I must say that wasn’t such a simple task (at least for me).

Number one, you need to remove the crown/stem. This is a modified 7750 so make sure the crown is in the first position (winding) before you push the button to release the stem. Search the forum for specific instructions on how to do this with a 7750. Needless to say I didn’t do this and now I can’t reinsert the stem. Since this watch is going to Vac for lume and service I’m not too concerned at this point.

After you remove the crown, remove the two small screws securing the movement to the case. Be careful with those, they are very small and have an incredible tendency to jump out of the tweezers into the carpet where they go to die.

Put the movement on the holder and let’s work on the pushers.

To remove the pushers just unscrew and remove them.

I noticed an interesting detail that I also found on a review by Archimedes at RWG. The bottom pusher is machined. Not just the top of the screw but the surroundings as well. I’m not really sure why but just to be sure I took pictures and made sure to line up the screw exactly as I found it.

The top pusher came out complete with the spring, washer and gaskets all in place. The bottom one came apart (again seems to be the same with Archimedes’ review). It may be related to the construction of this specific one.

Reassembling the pusher wasn’t so easy since the gaskets are very very small and they did have grease coming from the factory. Again the tweezers were very useful.

Once I had all the gaskets greased it was time to put all back together. Put the screws back in the hole, put the pushers in and screw them. Make sure to align the beveled part of the bottom pusher like it was before. I’m not 100% that’s necessary but better safe then sorry.

I hope this tutorial is useful for others. I’ll update it when I have more information on how to fix the crown issue.


One thing that I noticed during this exercise is how easy it is for those tiny little pieces to try and fly away. Fortunately this was my setup.

In reality this is a low budget lightbox but it was very helpful since when the little washers and screws went flying they bumped on the walls and fell on the felt where they stayed put.

It also provided very good light for work since it was setup for my pictures.

Just thought the tip would be useful.


German watchmaking history dates back to the 15th century

In most people’s minds, the German watch, although not as deep-rooted Swiss watches, but also has a long history of watchmaking. German watchmaking history dates back to the 15th century, when the Nuremberg locksmith PeterHenlein produced the world’s first pocket watch, the 16th century German watchmaking industry began to flourish, when the Kingdom of Saxony rich mineral being fully utilized, gather financial resources to develop the natural sciences in Dresden and watch industry. 1778 began, Dresden established a salon gathering of technical personnel, Gutekaisi (Gutkaes) is a salon in the first watchmaker, who respected the royal palace on the German watchmaker watchmaking industry is definitely far-reaching implications, the mainstay of the German watchmaking Ferdinand Adolph Lange (Ferdinand Adolph Lange), and also became a master of Glashütte watch industry Moritz · Grossman (Moritz Grossmann) and Adolf Schnyder (Adolf Schneider) had taught him, Gutekaisi encouraged his disciples to travel the world, to understand the Saxon watchmaking outside, Lange watchmaking learn advanced skills in 1837-1841 years, as German watchmaking future made a significant contribution. 1845, Germany’s first timepiece Mania established in Glashütte. 19th century, the land will be to produce high-quality gorgeous timing tool fame, all kinds of luxury ornate pocket watch, timing tool by Glashütte sold around. However, the advent of World War II, so watch history there have been major turning point in Germany, which was once the tabulation center suffered heavy losses because of the war, many have been brilliant over the name on the dial and thus gradually dim, despite being in a World War II German watchmaking a devastating blow, but tenacious Germanic peoples will eventually watchmaking lineage preserved. After the war, Glashütte attribution East Germany, the then ruling party ordered the remaining seven will be merged into a watch factory owned enterprises, after 40 years, the watch industry has been sluggish until after the reunification of East and West Germany, the situation was change. In 1990, the town of Glashütte watch Ashkenazi appeared three representatives of the brand, which is now very well known in our Lange, Glashutte and Nomos, several big brands can be said Ashkenazi watch Soul symbol.


Piaget now gives the impression of luxury jewelry watches

Although Piaget now gives the impression of luxury jewelry watches are some, but in fact is one of the few Piaget watch, able to design, develop and produce movement of the watch brand. The pursuit of excellence and the development of new movement shows Earl amazing ability to innovate. In the ultra-thin movement’s unique performance and innovative interpretation of the complex watch, so that the brand has become the traditional enterprise and artistic watch leader. Heady watches and jewelry are carefully created by craftsmen spent hundreds of hours of work of art. Today we bring home the watch 2 luxury Piaget watches Beijing market, I hope you like it. Perfect convergence of case and bracelet, a round mold carved decoration and polished and matte staggered polished surface treatment, exquisite structure separate faction, memorable. In a modern re-interpretation of the spirit of the watch retains its classic charm, this classic rhyme, once born celebrities Ascot would much favor. Today, K gold to create entirely new watch models increases slightly shape has been redesigned to ensure more comfortable to wear. Among elegant chic style into the plume. New watch diameter 40 mm mounted self-winding mechanical movement with a large date window. This rose gold watch bezel set with diamonds. Manufacture Piaget 504P movement equipped perfectly embodies the spirit of the Earl of second-generation automatic winding mechanical movement. This section rugged and reliable movement, the center has a hollow movement oscillating weight, with the balance wheel lockout device. Movement refined elegance, with central seconds hand at 6 o’clock position and a large date display window. Microhyla wavy annular Geneva, the main plate circle pattern processing, chamfering meter bridge, blue steel screws and other decorative details, show aesthetic standards uphold this Swiss watch brand to make this movement more outstanding.

For men, the “open luxury car wearing a good watch” is a noble status symbol. I think everyone dreams of owning a Rolls Royce or Bugatti Veyron it, there face! Who also won numerous admiring glances? But luxury car for most people, but from the eyes flashed Glimpse not really have, so the dream of a luxury car is not so easy to achieve. And watch as another man of taste and status symbol, as long as you can hold tens of thousands of feet of the face, watch the House today we recommend several well-known brands of wrist chronograph, leisurely touch people’s hearts! Rolex is a watch brand much of attention, although there is no Rolex Tourbillon, the three asked, calendar and other watches, but no one can classic Rolex and many watches by watch fans in hot pursuit. This watch deep blue dial toxic to many friends all the beauty of the table labor of love, the classic Rolex watch is equipped with a 3135 movement, precise and durable, provide a strong impetus for the watch support.

Elizabeth Taylor Collection auction world tour

Coffee is often called petty bourgeoisie, coffee shows elegant charm, a romantic atmosphere and a pleasant sense of enjoyment of life. Therefore, it has not only a staple of coffee drinks, it is a symbol of the lifestyle and taste. In European life, drinking coffee has become an addictive habit, when you walk in the old streets, the head could be seen everywhere parasol toast fine chemicals leisurely scene, coffee aroma that filled the air, enough to make people indulge them. Although seemingly unrelated to watch this sentiment and, in fact, disagree, or when Seiko secret agents to complete each one of these moments are the best witness, and makes a sip of coffee, and just imagine that years of quiet good. Like coffee, watch has long history and technology, so the aroma of the coffee culture as it is generally difficult and unpredictable. For most people, coffee is only with the bitter taste of the liquid, it is not. Latte, mocha, macchiato, cappuccino, American, Martha Crane, Vienna, citron, etc. These different flavors of coffee products, how much do you know?

March 23, 2011, legendary star, Hollywood’s most famous peerless beauty Elizabeth Taylor due to heart failure due to heart failure in the United States in the west coast city, at the seat of Los Angeles, Hollywood, died at the age of 79 years. Soon after, Christie’s auction house announced that from September 15, 2011 began, will be in Moscow as a starting point, during removed in London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and New York, for a period of three months, “Elizabeth Taylor Collection auction “world tour. Elizabeth Taylor during his lifetime collection of all the approximately 300 jewelry, valued $ 30 million, and part of the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Elizabeth – Taylor AIDS Foundation. Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection is one of the world recognized by far the most beautiful private collection of priceless, Taylor not only in love with these jewels, but also for their craft, Zhen Han extent, quality and history are very in. However, despite Taylor’s knowledge is very deep understanding of jewelry, but her collection has no fixed theme, because it seems Taylor, her every piece of jewelry is a gift for a loved one or close friend a gift, has a special significance.

39 mm stainless steel case to create a case

With the howling wind, leaves dancing in the air after opening the autumn of movement will soon enter the winter snow. Wrapped in a thick coat, with a warm scarf. Your passion for life is not less and less, getting too lazy to move out? Let’s watch the following home with you temporarily relax the mood. Imagine going to the next tourist cities and beautiful natural scenery, let us take the watch bugger it. If you cannot go far from the play, being near the sport is pretty fun too, about the small partners hiking, riding to achieve the purpose of relaxation, mention sports passion, wild style, it is easy to think ho Yamonage, from passion makes sense and collision racing heart surging. March 3, 1969, Monaco series released simultaneously in Geneva and New York, shocked the entire watchmaking industry. When Steve McQueen classic racing movie shooting “Le Mans” in 1970, is the choice of Monaco watch.
Today, this watch still seem so pre-eminent show TAG Heuer subvert the traditional, avant-garde and innovative spirit. From the outside, which makes raw wipe deeply blue heart! 39 mm stainless steel case to create a case, this CAW2111.FC6183 watch bold appearance with fire red chronograph hands, the flagship for the deep and tranquil blue, like the blue color of the Mediterranean, like so vast stalwart, tough pointer and scale, full of tension and gas field. Arched crystal glass surface with a huge square case, break the traditional rules of watch design aesthetics. Dark blue crocodile strap, mature and restrained color with a little wild original flavor, with blue dial echoes. Whether for business occasions or sports occasions can highlight the taste and distinguished identity Thatcher.