Cartier Replica Watches as a fashion leader

The Replica Cartier Watches are possibly to be 42mm wide and made in stainless steel. And the case back will most likely come with the Olympics themed engraving. Beating inside the model is the movement that offers both chronograph functions and calendar.
And the Replica Cartier Watches is expected to be a luxury replica watches with whopping price, it’s said that it could hit stores early 2010 with a price tag around 5,380 euro.

Among all the glamorous and alluring watch pieces that have ever been created by Cartier, this model is another wonderful design that has the charm to spark many watch lovers’ fantastic appetites.

The Cartier Replica Watches are deeply decorated by both men and women. The Cartier women watch collections are not only exquisitely designed, but also the mimic high priced jewelry. Many of these luxurious timepieces come with a bracelet strap decorations nicely with a graceful dress to contain a slight touch of femininity to the outfit.

Ladies who favor a larger watch will be happy to know that there are Replica Cartier Watches that are sturdy, but still symbolize femininity.

The Cartier men’s collection provides several selections that will surprise any chronograph aficionado. The men’s Replica Cartier Watches collections are designed in two unique styles. The steel watch presents an uncomplicated yet daring elegance while still sporting a man list appearance.
Every model is carefully designed to keep up with the latest design and fashion updated. Throughout the last 50 years Cartier has become a trend leader in the manufacturing of luxury timepieces. No matter what kind of pieces that you prefer when it refers to timepieces you are sure to find what you are searching for by buying a timepiece from Cartier.

Cartier as a fashion leader in the world of fashion timepieces has never stopped its endeavor to create some glamorous timepieces to catch its consumers’ eyes and cater to their stylish appetites.

And this famous brand has never fallen behind in creating spectacularly numerous breath taking watches targeted at those passionate Replica Cartier Watches fanatics. With such a galaxy, there is always a design which is fit for both men and women.

With a Replica Cartier Watches on your wrist, you are indicating to the public that you make a fashion statement that impresses.

Replica Breitling Navitimer Working Chronograph with White Dial-Stick Marking

I was actually missing a new reader’s review on my blog but luckily as it always happens at the right time I got an e-mail about a week ago with some very nice words and photos. Thank you Zachary for taking the time to take photos and write to me. I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there that could put together the same kind of e-mail but time these days is not a really good friend. I’m pretty sure that my expertise as general and quality orientated as it is helps many out there to dodge scams and pick up on good replica watches. This is Zachary’s Breitling Navitimer replica watch that he kindly photographed and put down a few words about the whole story.
Here is Zach’s pasted message from my inbox as I always like to give you the exact words my readers share with me.First off I would like to thank you for your awesome website! I really enjoy your detailed videos of all of the replicas you purchase. I came across your website and was immediately sold on the quality of the products from So for my first purchase I went with a Breitling Navitimer you reviewed a while back. After 7 days of waiting I finally received my watch in the mail. To tell you the truth i am amazed at the quality of the watch. It is beautiful and I cannot wait to make my next order. I have attached some pictures for you. Thank again for steering me clear of all the scam websites and introducing me to , it was well worth it!

Well, what can I say more… I do know this watch and there are video reviews and photo reviews of it on my blog. Even my latest reader’s review is of the same watch that Ted got some months ago. This fake Breitling follows the Navitimer looks and feel. Case has a good size, bezel is done right and the bracelet has the Breitling looks as well. It’s one of the more classy Breitling replica watches unlike the bigger bulkier Bentleys. Thank you again Zachary for your review and drop by anytime

Rolex Replica Watches Day-Date Automatic Full Gold Diamond Bezel with Blue Dial-Roman Marking | Casio Watches

Rolex Day-Date Automatic Full Gold Diamond Bezel with Blue Dial-Roman Marking
New Year has been to blow away the cobwebs.Summing up the past year’s achievements, bid farewell to the past year’s brilliant, ushered in a new hope the New’s watch brands pointer Fez EDIFICE adhering to “Speed ​​&amp; Intelligence” speed and wisdom of the brand concept of continuous improvement rolex replica watches and innovation.In the new year, let’s create value elites feel the time brought a new atmosphere.

Casio EDIFICE’s EFB-506 series uses extremely simple design with classic Roman numerals as an embellishment to simple classic charm, off New Year’s minimalist trend.EFB-506 series includes EFB-506D-1A, EFB-506D-7A, EFB-506L-7A three models, the series simple and bright, low-key sophistication, its classic design, suitable for a variety of occasions and business meetings .It’s more than three pointer new design, a sense of fashion and sports highlights.Roman numerals scale, amplified classical warm feelings with 100M waterproof Replica Watches, stopwatch, date, and other diverse functions.Watches sapphire glass mirror enhanced durability, stainless steel and leather strap to meet the needs of different occasions.EFB-506 series, gentle, in a low profile revealed a taste for the business elite, whether it is a fighting mall, between friends or a romantic date, it can become a bright spot.

Casio EDIFICE EF-343 series includes EF-343BK-1A, EF-343D-7A two models, for love fashion and dynamic business people, these two tables is a very good choice.

Watches with a new three six pointer design, with large-size digital scale and scale easily recognizable blue hands, revealing an elegant vitality passion, a sense of fashion and sports highlights.100M waterproof, screw lock back cover, day, date display and other diverse functions, are destined to be a good partner for leisure and travel.

Which, EF-343BK-1A has a black particles Rolex Replica coated with blue hands, blue tick mix with coats, jeans and the boots to help with, the more youthful men.EF-343D-7AV has pure white dial, metal texture, with a light-colored suit jacket, matching shoes, for men to create a different dynamic fashion sense.No matter which one you choose, the quality of the overall dynamic presentation watches, will attract attention.

modeling EQW-T1010 Series

Rolex Datejust II Automatic Two Tone Number Markers with Black Dial

Rolex Datejust II Automatic Two Tone Number Markers with Black Dial
Adhering to the consistent support of deep-sea expeditions passion, Rolex and director and explorer James Cameron (“Titanic” and “Avatar” director) and the U.S. National Geographic Society, and work carried out DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition. Goal is to dive into the depths of Earth’s oceans Replica Watches, the Mariana Trench, located under the Pacific sea level of about 11,000 meters and related scientific exploration and research.

Rolex Replica</strong> specially designed for the manufacture of a deep-sea adventure and an experimental watch – Oyster Perpetual ROLEX DEEPSEA CHALLENGE, waterproof to a depth of 12,000 meters stunning . This watch Rolex clear again in the field of mechanical watchmaking have always advantages and leadership in the watch waterproof performance extraordinary . While this watch is placed on the submersible ‘s robotic arm , along with James Cameron to dive along the seabed is located southwest of Guam “challenge the abyss .”

Whether it is James Cameron’s adventure , or ROLEX DEEPSEA CHALLENGE watch, both reproduce the bathyscaphe Trieste (Trieste) on January 23, 1960 conducted a landmark feat. This is the first time in human history, a manned submersible dive to the deepest point of the Earth was known , is located in the Mariana Trench . In that adventure activities, one experimental Oyster watch DEEP SEA SPECIAL been placed on the hull Trieste, along with its dive to the deepest ocean. It submarine dive to a depth of 10,916 meters , also maintained <strong>replica rolex watches</strong> subsequently surfaced after normal time . This is a feat has yet to be surpassed .

Rolex Daytona Working Chronograph Stick Markers with White Dial-S/S with PVD Strap

Back to the Rolex Daytona fake watch, always a favorite of the replica watches world for many of us. This is one of the best models you can wear under any circumstances and yes, I’m strictly referring here to the leather strap replica Rolex Daytona. The sporty bands are even more popular as a choice but the leather straps have a bit more flavor. I think it’s a good trend that Rolex follows specially for the Daytona models and that we’re going to see even more leather straps on Rolex watches in the years to come. This original baby comes in a white gold case and is priced over 21k so go figure when will you be able to afford one… I know it would involve a lot but that’s why these pieces are called luxury watches. Getting back to the more accessible fake watches side of the story let’s see how this fake Daytona presents itself.

Case has a good glow. Hard to imitate a white gold looks with stainless steel but I deliberately chose this photo so you can see that there’s a good shine on the case. Scratch-proof crystal is well placed on the case and edges out a little like the original Daytonas do. Only thing I’d have to report on the dial would be that the stainless steel chronographs are a little more thick than on the original but you can realize this when comparing the two 1 on 1, otherwise it’d be pretty hard for an average person to figure out this exact detail. The rest of the dial has all the good markings, engravings, markers and the hands are also well cloned. There’s the Daytona red marking right on top of the 6 o’clock chronograph even though you can barely or almost not at all see it in the photos. Crown and buttons are well done and the case thickness looks good. Back case has the green Rolex logo and hologram sticker well placed so the case overall is in good shape. Japanese automatic movement has a power reserve of over 24 hours so no worries about winding this one for a daily use. I’m gonna tell you that I like the black leather strap. It makes this Daytona replica watch look so much better and classy than the regular stainless steel bracelet. Folding clasp is stainless steel, has a good grip and closes properly. If you’re into the medium case diameters and classic but a little more stylish looks then this is one of the nicest and easiest to accessorize Rolex replica watches out there. Let me know what you think.

The Latest Range of Omega Replica Watches is Here

The day Cindy Crawford started modeling for Omega, it was destined that these watches become dream watches for millions of people around the world. The watches were popular for a long time before that, but the campaign gave it mass appeal. The only hitch for people to fulfill their dream was the price tag. And that was only going up and was showing no indication of coming down. So, these fans started turning towards the replica sites. However, replica sites were not always honest and several replicas that were sold were not of a very good quality.
Then came replica monkey. The beautifully decked up monkey sporting a lot of glittering watches has become a synonymous logo around the world for the best replica Omega watches. The Omega replica watches sold on the site are certainly among the world’s best. How can you believe us? Take a look!
The reason we are so passionate about replica Omega watches is because the site was started with an intention to put superb replica Omega watches for sale at prices that are within the reach of the most common man anywhere in the world. When you buy replica Omega watches from replica monkey, you can be assured that you are getting the best of the best replica Omega watch, checked again and again by our expert quality team.

Another specialty of the site is its division of wholesale Omega watches. Selling wholesale requires a different level of preparation and that is easily achieved by the special quality team that passes the inspections of all our watches. Several retailers including a few small websites also come to us and buy wholesale Omega replica watches to sell to their clientele in turn. We don’t complain – after all, the mission of the site is to provide the best Omega replica watches and of course, all the other international brands of popular watch ranges.

On our homepage, we put up the latest trends in the world of replica watches, by tracing which replica watches are selling fastest and showing them to you so that you make an informed decision to buy the watch that is in vogue today. Whether you look at the replica Omega watches, the replica Rolex collection, the replica Patek Philippe range or the spectacular Tag Heuer range of replica watches, you can buy the watch with an assurance that each time piece will exactly be similar to the original watch model.

One special feature that we can promise right now is the spectacular new 2008 range that has come out only in August. Those watches also adorn our shelves right now. But then, we do not know how many days they will last – they are selling like hot cakes!

Check out the brand new range of Omega replica watches from the seamaster GMT series or the speedmaster series and you will see why replica monkey is the absolute destination for not just Omega, but all brands of replica watches in the world!

Rolex continue to find entry-level exploration process replica watches

In the 1980s, IWC join military diving watch fray for the German military developed a magnetic dive watch “OCEAN”, because mine detonating device only reacts to pressure, but also on the weak magnetic field response. More advanced, it is the Suunto D6 div computer diving watch, designed for those demanding professional divers designs.

Suunto Elementum Aqua Diving

Blancpain 2010 engraved version of the Fifty Fathoms commemorative watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer type II (3)

When diving became a fashionable sport, fashion symbol — Another dive watches, has become a must.

However, the diving world diving rules. As for the people living on the land, the ocean is a country with the world their survival rules. If you go diving, but wearing a flag in fact, it is just 100 meters waterproof watch is waterproof watch , it probably will have to kill you.

Underwater Army Regulation

Courage and probably the man most secure place to attract women, right? Therefore, this “Man”, most people prefer to use a dive watch with the same temperament to express. As early as the first James Bond 007 film produced on the latest year wearing Rolex diving watch stately appearance in the movie, and then whether it is “labor Water Monster” or “Ou Haima” struggle, have been important.

However, there are important things. If you’re really only going to wear this type of watch to go diving, you must know that the general water watch with real diving watch, like the difference between SUV and off-road vehicles. SUV-weather use, but when it comes to real off-road, high-wheel-drive chassis needs to have all the power and performance of a professional off-road vehicles. A replica watch had been discussed with reporters the human community, the current public for more than a misunderstanding diving watch, including even some of the media myself, often confused with the water watch dive watches. In fact, the specification dive watches, the watchmaking industry has always been strict, unambiguous on this issue — at least 100 meters deep dive into the water and having an adjustment device to control the time of the watch, to be called diving watch.

In accordance with the general rules of the Swiss watch industry, the watch back engraved “WATER RESISTANT” just means waterproof 2ATM (ie waterproof 20m). This does not mean you can go down to 20 meters of water activities, because the water depth mean only under laboratory conditions — when hydrostatic water watch depth and water are both completely at rest, and this static situation In the real world swimmer or diver’s course does not exist.

Of course, the most intuitive is that when you see a logo “Diver’s”, “scuba”, that means can be used for scuba diving, and identifies “He gas Diver’s 300M (or more)”, then with helium valve, suitable for helium nitrogen oxygen saturation diving, which is more than 1 hour, the depth of over 120 meters long dive.

Chinese have a saying, “Mo bully bullying mountain water.” Professional diving watch that you master the dive time, depth, the way the best partner, so there will be a strict international norms. Those specific magnetic resistance, shock resistance, it is hard to visually identify targets, but at least you can see is: You must have a pre-selected time unit (the most common is the timing of the outer ring, and most of the design can only rotate counter-clockwise), each five minutes must be clearly marked (large scale fluorescent agent watch than the average volume, long time), and visibility in the dark 25 cm. There is no hard and fast rules in line with the above, I’m sorry, this is not a line with international standard ISO dive watches.

Fans stand

In fact, for replica watches fans, as well as one of the most straightforward standard — Diving birth, often in order to customize navies, you will see only the hands of the diving watch ever served in the military, of course, joined the army at the time of a the specific needs of key tasks.

The first diving watch Rolex had come out in 1926, the classic Oyster case, are still continue to produce, engraved. By the 1950s, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diving watch, as the first modern diving watch, laid the basic characteristics of modern diving watches. It is the application of the French army divers, Israeli Army and U.S. Navy SEALs underwater sabotage team, Deutsche fleet, followed by a more widely used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland army. Be modified on the basis of the Blancpain Panerai , the Italian Royal Navy has become the permanent specific products.

In the 1980s, IWC joined the fray military diving watch, the German military developed a magnetic dive watch “OCEAN”, because mine detonating device only reacts to pressure, but also on the weak magnetic field response. And for the U.S. manufacturing dive watch Omega , from the 1957 era Seamaster , the asymmetric shape “Ploprof” 600 meter diving watch, have received a warm welcome and was re-engraved in 2009 and increased to 1200 m water depth.

These classic style, continues until today are engraved in. Description watch a really pay attention to the traditional sectors, replica watches fans insist on support various mechanical watches . However, the kind of exceptions. If the man is more loyal to dive, then he might consider some of the powerful features of diving electronic form, strictly speaking, it should be wrist dive computer.

In fact, James Bond 007 films in the “labor Kelpie” and “Ou Haima” struggle to become the talk of the watch gossip fans, a lot of people forget, James Bond has worn spreadsheet photographed it, but also more than one! from Japan SEIKO LCD Digital, Seiko Sports 100 LCD wait at least five Seiko watch in the 1980s, 007 film debut, indeed conform to the electronic trend.

More advanced, it is the Suunto D6 div computer diving watch, designed for those demanding professional divers designs. It has three modes: oxygen switching, digital compass and depth alarm combines RGBM algorithm, is the most powerful dive computer. All information is included to provide the necessary depth, time, direction, and decompression depth display can quickly calculate the ability of human tissue containing gas saturation, so divers dive no longer need to follow a strict schedule, they can even analyze your dive performance for the next improvement.

Red second hand Rolex watches and pictures to enjoy

Second hand coloring treatment, not only can easily and accurately read the time, it enables the watch design more personalized. Rolex as a global leader in the watch industry, superior technology and technology is widely crowd cognition, then the red second hand Rolex watches what?

Red second hand Rolex watches one: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series 116264-72200 black male watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual ROLEX-series 116264-72200 black male watch

Rolex Oyster case design, 3:00 enlarged window displays, classic atmosphere. Red second hand lightly across the classic black dial, ensure accurate reading of time. 18K white gold case and exudes a metallic luster stainless steel strap perfect convergence, grace and elegance.

Red second hand Rolex watches two: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series 116598RBOW-78608 mechanical male watch

Rolex-Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series 116598RBOW-78608 mechanical male watch

Black dial with diamonds in 18ct gold Oyster case modified atmosphere calm. The three golden dial and diamond hour markers 8 grams, exquisite luxury. Three Eyed red pointer on the dial with red second hand correspond to each other, complement each other. Equipped with a Rolex 4130 movement, precise and durable.

Red second hand Rolex watches three: Rolex Datejust series 116263-63203 yellow mechanical male watch

Rolex Datejust ROLEX-series 116263-63203 yellow mechanical male watch

Rolex Datejust ROLEX-116263-63203 mechanical male watch, gold and silver and white case, highlight the noble quality. Dark gray dial with red second hand match, harmonious and elegant, small window lens features an extremely attractive date display eye. Golden triangle pattern resistant outer tightly convergence 904L stainless steel and 18ct gold stayed in combination strap.

Red second hand Rolex watches four: Rolex Explorer Series 16570-78790 black male watch

Rolex Explorer II ROLEX-series 16570-78790 white male watch

1650-78790 mechanical male table Rolex Oyster case, unique personality, easy to wear sapphire crystal glass surface, with the locking winding crown, red second hand, regardless of focus Cobra hour or process from the design ideas are eternal great immortal masterpiece.

Omega precise timing witness brilliant Athletics

Undoubtedly, sports timing equipment is an integral part. If you can not time, no championship from the distinction between competitive going. If there is no time, it does not produce a world record or Olympic records. Timing and measurement can arouse public interest and media attention will always be those most likely to break the record of events.

Omega Replica has unrivaled experience in the field of sports timekeeping. As early as 1932, Europe rice eggplant chronograph watch has been considered a sport’s top athletes to measure achievement of the most reliable equipment. With Omega good reputation, brand IOC requires that all timing devices for the year at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Omega Replica delighted to get this opportunity, transported from the 30 Swiss timer and accompanying appoint a watch expert, to ensure accurate timing and reliable results for all competitions. Since then, Omega Olympic and continue to open a number of major sporting events

Develop and provide top-class sports timing and measurement systems.

Each year, the Omega timing will appoint experts to participate in sporting events held around the world and provides top level sports timekeeping equipment, measuring equipment and data processing equipment. They provide new equipment, including the sprint and middle distance races from the project for

Run and jump the gun detection system, the latest end cameras, as well as the height and distance measuring equipment for field events.

Omega glorious tradition of sports timing

Omega Replica outstanding performance in the 1932 Olympics it soon became the official timekeeper of other large-scale events. In the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin, 29-year-old Omri eggplant watchmaker Paul-Louis expensive Carolina (Paul Louis Guignard) suitcase filled with

185 Chronograph, Biel departure from Switzerland arrived in the German capital. At the Berlin Olympics, the great American athlete Owens (Jesse Owens) independence from the wind in the game show, won four gold medals, but no starting blocks Shihai, athletes use a small shovel

Starting personally dug pits.

Since the outbreak of the Second World War, the Olympic Games two years suspended and restored in 1948 held in London. That year, when the Olympics Omega once again become the designated account, it is at this Olympic Games, the birth of modern sports timekeeping brilliant. In 1948, St. Moritz in Switzerland (St. Moritz) hosted the Winter Olympics, the first use of a photoelectron Omi eggplant eye equipment, and subsequently held in London for the summer of that year’s sporting events. Summer Olympic Games in London, the end of the end of the camera records the public by the British Racing (Race Finish Recording Company) research available, it can shoot a coherent picture, and according to need sprinting, rowing, cycling and other various events to adjust the recording speed. Such cameras and with the use of Omega timekeeping device. From the beginning of the Olympic Games, the machine began to replace human work to engage more precise timing.

In the subsequent Olympic Games and other major sporting events, the Omega and the end point of the British race record companies work together to develop an improved version of the end of the camera – Omi eggplant light-sensitive camera (Racend Omega Timer). This is the screen when the end of each time slice of the camera for the first time to show the athletes can punch line. The camera marks the beginning of a new era of quartz and electronic timing. In 1952, Europe rice eggplant launched OMEGA Time Recorder (Omega Time Recorder) – A movable and grid-independent operation of the equipment, high-speed printer attached to the can print out the results on the rolls. Omega has received a Olympic Cross (Croix du Menite Olympique). The official timing results at this time has precise to 1/100 sec.

The referee at the end of the handheld manual timer. This is very familiar scene, until 1968 officially adopted the electronic timing equipment before it was destroyed.

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA calendar watches

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA calendar watch

With Omega coaxial movement , based on the use of siliceous balance spring, with instantaneous jump calendar display, the traditional “day wear watch” for a comprehensive upgrade, accuracy and reliability is superb. Using unique “teak concept” vertical texture dial, between gold bracelet to enhance the overall temperament

The concept day wear watch, it can be said to be more broadly there is more broad. In a large wristwatch family, non-qualified watch day wear but is in the minority. Choose one day wear the watch, not just a technology live, it is manual labor. Especially for the watch to be worn for the purpose of non-enthusiasts often have to seek the views of the light of months, sit and miss the New Year Treat yourself to just buy a new watch of opportunity.

As day wear watch, calendar display is a must. Watch with calendar function everywhere, is divided into a number of varieties of a single calendar, double calendar, full calendar, calendar and calendar and so on. One of the most common is the single ephemeris, its advantage is legible, some sort of glance. And rich in style, whether high, medium and low-end brand has a corresponding main product.

That double ephemeris DAY-meter, two-calendar that DAY, DATE – few DATE DAY few numbers correspond to the corresponding week. Compared with the single ephemeris, double calendar watch only adds a function, location has undergone a fundamental change. Because the benefit from this new feature in basically each company’s executives, control mean time, more obvious, so double ephemeris is also recognized as the most business day wear watch.

Calendar year only need to manually adjust a calendar, daily wear is peace of mind, but unfortunately more limited choice of watches. From 1996 Patek Philippe launched this “quasi-calendar” products so far, only Bvlgari , Audemars Piguet , Omega, Breitling watch factory, a few at follow-up. As a purely Calendar (show only the month and day), it is the second addition to the Omega people want to do outside.

Full ephemeris and almanac watches are prone to confusion from the appearance, especially with the moon phase models, among which the Patek Philippe Calendar and Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch staggering. They dial rich content, both weeks, calendar, month, moon phase and timely minute, and layout in order. Not only watch enthusiasts, and even a layman would read visibly moved. Although the price and complexity of the calendar watch is still lagging behind, but the calendar Patek Philippe watch and Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch have stabilized into collection level is such a high-end choice for day wear watch.

Naturally calendar watch top calendar family, whether Jaeger 8 everlasting dynamic calendar, Athens is GMT calendar, the calendar is thin and Blancpain exaggerated the Earl Empe rado r cusion calendar, or is H.Moser of “instantaneous flash” calendar, can evoke the infinite impulse of people love the watch. And I want to recommend is a lot of people would somewhat strange Glashutte Senator Navigator Perpetual Calendar watch. It’s week, month, calendar, leap year and moon phase is dispersed in the form of windows all the edges of the dial is not identical with any other watches. Used to seeing the traditional calendar schedule, he saw a unique, just to eliminate your fatigue.

Select the “double calendar watch,” the five reasons

Pragmatic function: In addition to the basic time display outside, DAY-DATE watch added and added only a week and a date function. Today, both white-collar workers, otaku have become accustomed to from the phone or computer to view the date, even the calendar have been eliminated. But watch convenient, efficient alternative to other tools still can not. DAYDATE watch design clearly focused on readability, designed to help busy office workers save time, avoid View Calendar interrupting the task at hand.

Affordable: watches, it must be more complex the more squeamish, more simple and more durable. And timing, quizzes, tourbillon device, such as expansive as compared to the week and calendar functions to achieve much easier, relevant technology is mature and very popular, so this type of list prices are not too high, white-collar workers fully able to afford. And suitable for everyday wear.

Easy to operate: DAY-DATE basically self-winding watch, you can adjust the DAY-DATE watch the calendar by week, and the crown, without the need for additional buttons or contacts. Because they do not have a calendar function, so the need for a calendar year, five times manually adjusted, respectively, in February, April, June, September and the end of 11. Taking into account the time now to go to reach the Observatory standard mechanical watches have to be calibrated once every month or two months time, so do not feel any inconvenience.

Grades enough: DAY-DATE falling from the product positioning mechanical watch in the high-end, it feels more formal than ordinary sweep or single ephemeris more business. And the production DAY-DATE watch often have a certain reputation and visibility in the high-end brands, business and social occasions in absolute Nadechushou.

Rich in style: Chinese people are look to buy a watch style, function is really not practical are the words. In terms of style, the range of choice of DAY-DATE watch is quite broad. From the material, the location of Sunday calendar window to the overall style, have a complex combination of the above, to meet the needs of professional managers to wear all walks of life from ordinary white-collar workers to the workaholic to also cater to fashion and the sports fans Personalized proposition.